Scientific Name:Persea Americana   
Vernacular Name:Avocatier, Igiti cy’Avoka.
Family name :Lauraceae
Geographic Distribution:Everywhere in Rwanda., Pantthropical.

Botanical Description

A tree reaching up to 20 m in height. It is an erect  with stout trunk to bushy and spreading. The trunk is covered with a fleshy bark. The leaves are round or pointed, held alternately on the branches and reddish in color when young. Many small greenish yellow flowers in compact bunches are held at the ends of the young branches. The fruit are of various shspes.

Medicinal Use

The core of the fruit is used in traditional medicines. The bark is used against diarrhea, while fruits are used to lower  blood cholesterol level, promote hair growth, sooth skin and treat skin conditions, and as aphrodisiac. Grounded seeds are used in the treatment of various skin conditions.

Other Use

Avocat, the  smooth, buttery and well flavored  flesh of the fruit  is eaten . The oil produced from the fruit is used in cosmetics.

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