Scientific Name:Cedrela odorata   
Vernacular Name:Cedrela d’Amerique Centrale
Family name :Meliaceae
Geographic Distribution:1400 – 2500 m.

Botanical Description

A tree  which may reach 30 – 35 m tall and 40 to 50 m of diameter. Cylindrical trunk , branches situated at 20 m high. Compound paripinnate leaves .  The tree has a bad smell while flesh..



Medicinal Use

 Cedrela odorata or cedar wood  is used in medicine particularly in the treatment of fever, sores, headaches,earache, and wounds. The bark is used for making twine. In sao tome, the bark is used to treat malaria.


Other Use

timber, stakes, wood craft.The wood is aromatic and naturally termite and rot resistant. It is used for making furniture, musical instrument, veneer, doors, and light constructions.


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