Scientific Name:Bambusa  
Vernacular Name:Umugano
Family name :Poaceae
Geographic Distribution:Cultivated in our country.

Botanical Description

Bambusa is an erect evergreen, clump forming bamboo growing 15-20 m  tall. It has loose culmps and has no thorns. It has lemon-yellow  culms with ggreen stripes and dark green leaves. Culm walls are slightly thick. Nodes are slightly inflated. Internodes are 20-45 cm  long.  Several branches develop from mid-culm nodes and above. Culm leaves are  deciduous with dense pubescence. Leaf blade are narrowly lanceolate.


Medicinal Use

the stems are used as a remedy for rheumatism. The shoots are used totreat abscesses and malaria. The bark is astringent and emmenagogue. The leaves are used to treat heart problems and malaria. They are boiled and used in a bath to ease fever.  A decoction of boiled leaves is used by women  as a clean-out for  dilatation and curratage, and also to aid the expulsion of the afterbirth. The leaves are boiled as a hot tea which induce profuse perspiration in treating a fever. The sap is used to treat fever and haematurial.

Other Use

The split stems are used for making fences, roof tiles, baskets, etc. The stems serve as pole to support banana plants. The young shoots are edible  when cooked.

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