ABOUT the Project

Digital Reference Of Medicinal Plants Of Rwanda project is aiming at:

  1. Maintaining medicinal plant genetic resources in the safe area as increasing numbers of those species face dramatic extinction due to constant encroachment on their natural habitat or to the ways users exploit them e.g. uprooting of plants when using the roots; stripping the barks of the identified medicinal trees, that let them die.
  2. Aiding traditional healers to understand various facets of medicinal plants and how they can contribute to their conservation by growing them in their farms.
  3. Helping different visitors to recognize different medicinal plants and hence participate to their preservation and connservatiom.
  4. Education and futhering knowledge in respect of various functions of the medicinal plants and their power of healing people and animals.
  5. As a source of reference in sciences and biotechnology, history, culture and art for school children, students of high learning and traditional healers.
  6. Promoting awerness and consciousness to appreciate the natural biodiversity with the aim of encouraging people to grow medicinal plants or others of different utilities in order to maintain t them alive for future gerations.
  7. Attract the tourists to visit and admire the richness of Rwandan traditional medicinal plants.