Scientific Name:Cupressus  
Vernacular Name:Cypres ; ISIPURI
Family name :Cypres ; ISIPURI
Geographic Distribution:planted as groves.Worldwide distributed

Botanical Description

Coniferous tree which is very acclimatized in Rwanda. A fast- growing evergreen cypress that reaches 35 m high, growing best above altitudes of 1500 m in area with good soil and fair rainfall. The tree has a straight trunk, and generally conical but irregular in shape; branches spread wide. Leaves dull blue-green, small, pointed tip, in four ranks. Cones male cones look like fat tipsof branchlets, female cones round, up to 1.5 cm across. Ripe, it opens to release many small,narrow-wingwd seeds

Medicinal Use

The cones is used boiled and the patient seat in water to be treated haemorrhoid. Kayiranga Mussa and Nsanzimana Azzarias, TMPs from the eastern Province uses leaves, flowers and fruits of Cupressus sp. In the treatment of bones and females’ uro-genital infections  respectively. However in the treatment of bones disease by Kayiranga, Cupressus sp can be supplemted by other medicinal plants such as Elymus repens, Alliun sativum L. and Protea madiensis

Other Use

The timber is used for furniture, construction wood, fuel, poles, posts and pulp- wood.


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