Hypericum revolutum

Scientific Name:Hypericum revolutum  
Vernacular Name:Umushunguru.
Family name :Umushunguru.
Geographic Distribution:secondary forest, woodless zones , lobelia and Hagenia zones in montane forest 1800- 3000 m above sea level.

Botanical Description

Hypericum revoltum may be a shrub or a tree which may reach 15 m tall. Young branches are winged and four sides shaped. The leaves are sessile and the lamina elliptic to spear shaped. The flowers are yellow and solitary, at the terminal part of the branches, with numerous bright yellow stamens.


Medicinal Use

Rwandan seekers found in hypericum revolutim substances wich treat  cough, and respiratory diseases.Powdered, leaves and stems are used to treat diarrhea and rheumatism. An oily extract of the plant is used totreat wounds and burns. Pounded leaves of Hypericum revolutum in maceration mixture of medicinal plants are used to stimulate birth in after-term pregnant women (Mitari Emmanuel).

Other Use

firewood, poles, etc.


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