Scientific Name:Ajuga alba   
Vernacular Name:Gitinywa or bugleweed
Family name :Gitinywa or bugleweed
Geographic Distribution:talus, roadsides, fallow,1700 -2400 m

Botanical Description

Creeping herb with opposite small poorly serrated leaves. Rooting at the nods.


Medicinal Use

IN Rwanda they use it in treating “ibimeme” it is an  anti-fungal.In other countries, bugle has  a long history of  use as a medicinal  herb. iIt is aromatic, astringent,bitter, mildly laxative, mildly sedative, mildly pain killer. Used internally for treating coughs, throat irritations, mouth ulcers, nervousness, headache, gastrointentestinal ailments, and internal bleeding.  That invasive perennial  herb has throughoutt  history used to treat a  variety of ailment incuding hemorrhaging, hangover, bruises, sores, broken bones, throat irritations, mouth ulcers, and more. Mitari E. involves infusion of Ajuga alba crused leaves to cast out evil spirits from diseased people

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