Scientific Name:Passiflora edulis   
Vernacular Name:Maracouja, Fruit de la passion.
Family name :Passifloraceae
Geographic Distribution:Cultivated in Rwanda for producing the passiflora juice.

Botanical Description

Climbing vine,of several meters long twisting other shrubs and using its tendrils to hang on support, The old leaves are trilobed. Large showy flowers appear from leaf axils with a puplish collona at the base of the ovary. The fruits are brownish oval when ripe. 


Medicinal Use

The roots are used for earache. They are normally poundedsoaked in water and the infusion dropped into the ear. The leaves mainly contains the alkaloids. That alkaloid lower blood pressure naturally. The flower can be made  into a sedative and antispasmodic, Passion flower is also used to treat nervous disorders, brochial conditions,arthritis, asthma, insomnia, gastro intestinal disorders and menopose.

Other Use

edible fruit, manufacture of passiflora juice.

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