Pennisetum purpureum

Scientific Name:Pennisetum purpureum   
Vernacular Name:Urubingo
Family name :Urubingo
Geographic Distribution:everywhere in Rwanda between 1300 m – 2500 m.

Botanical Description

Pennisetum purpureum is perennial grass with blade leaf. It produces shoots and is moderately tillering. The stem growth take place from internode expansions. The inflorescences is a round long spike.

Medicinal Use

Is used as a diuretic, laxative, and for parasitic infection and venereal diseases. The use of Pennisetum purpureum in the treatment of poliomyelitis like symptoms has been revealed by a Kashangirwa Richard, aTMP in Kigali. In this treatment, the plant is used in combination with Clerondendrum rotundifolium, Indigofera erecta, Rhamnus prinoides  Peponium vogelii, and  Aspergus racenosus.Other medicinal plant may be added for a more efficient treatmet, he added.


Other Use

fodder for domestic animals . It is a forage gras.

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