Gomphocarpus physocarpus

Scientific Name:Gomphocarpus physocarpus  
Vernacular Name:Gasaho
Family name :Asclepiadaceae
Geographic Distribution:savanna, 1500- 1750 m

Botanical Description

Is  an upright  soft shrub 5.5 – 2m tall with a fibrous rootstock. Branches arise above a small single-stemmed trunk The branches are pale yellowish green and hollow. The leaves are light green, opposite, and narrowly oblong to lance shaped

Medicinal Use

In Rwanda it used to treat poisoning. In south Africa, the roots are used to treat stomach-ache. Leaves are dried and ground into a powder that is taken as a snuff for headaches. Fresh stems and leaves stuffed into mole holes are said tobe an effective deterrent. The bark is chewed by the Baganda to cure or stop vomiting. The  infusion  of the poundered leaves ats given by the Masai to their cows when calving as it is believed to cause the uterus to contract

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