Brillantaisia patula

Scientific Name:Brillantaisia patula  
Vernacular Name:Ikirogora
Family name :Ikirogora
Geographic Distribution:Mountain forest 1900 – 2400 m above sea level

Botanical Description

Bushy plant of 2 m tall with a glabrous ligneous squared stem thickened in the nodes. Leaves have petioles of 2-6 cm long, limb widely oval, elliptic near the inflorescence, pointed at the top. The leaf margin is irregularly toothed.The inflorescences is a loose panicle having a lot of glabrous or pubescent flowers. The fruits are a kind of capsule.
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Medicinal Use

In Northern Rwanda, It is used to make poisonedpeople vomiting. It chases evil spirit away. According to Gapasi Serushago, a traditional healer practicing in Kigali City, Brillantaisia patula is involved along with Coleus aromatic and Rumex maderensis in the treatment of stomaches. Uwimana Beatha, who practices the the herbal medicine in, Gisagara district uses Brillantaisia cicatricosa (leaves) along with  Eucalyptus sp. (Ash) and with Cassia didymobotrya for blood detoxification in the case of poisoning.

In Nigerian, the plant is used for the treatment of yaws, diarrhea, ease labor, dismenorrhoea, chest pain, convulsion.
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Other Plants