Scientific Name:Periploca linearifolia  
Vernacular Name:Ubwahuro, Bamburagara., Ubwahuro, Inondwe
Family name :Asclepiadaceae
Geographic Distribution:Mountainous forest, grove, woodland savanna 1500 – 2400 m

Botanical Description

Glabrous climbing  liana of several meters long, which has opposite leavesprovided with a petole of 2-5 mm long. The leaf blade is linear to linear lanceolate. Cymose  terminal inflorescence arranged in a  loose panicles. The fruits are follicle

Medicinal Use

The latex o of  the plant Stem is applied on skin sores and  it is used to treat ulcers. A root bark infusionor decoction is drunk or applied as enema to  treat tapeworm and others intestinal worms. It is also taken to treat stomach-ache.  Roots cooked in a soup are  eaten to treat fever, malaria, chest complaints, including cough and pneumonia, female infertility and venereal diseases.

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