Scientific Name:Ageratum conyzoides  
Vernacular Name:Akaziraruguma/Inkuruba
Family name :Akaziraruguma/Inkuruba
Geographic Distribution:Fallow field, ruderal area, where they are anthropogemic activities, 1300- 2300 m

Botanical Description

Ageratum conyzoides is an erect, branching ,soft, slightly  aromatic, annual herb with shallow, fibrous roots. It grows to approximately 1 m in height. The stems and leaves are overed with fine white hairs, the leaves are egg-shapd with broad and at base {ovate} up to7.5 cm long.Herbaceous plants whith   erect stem. Opposite leaves with terminal  cymose made up with capitula. White florets

Medicinal Use

In our country, healers use  leaves Infusion to cures the wounds. It has also antifungal properties.  Mukire J.D a TMP in Kigali confirms the use of infusion of Ageratum coyzoides in the treatment of Kidney dysfunction. In Uganda, the juice from theleaves is highly haemostatic, and is used to stop epitaxis or any other type of bleeding from injury. It also treats sore eye, and bowel complaints. In Central Africa, it is used to treat pneumonia, but the most common is to cure wounds and burns.What kinds of 1:1 Swiss cheap Replica Watches US are worth having? Perfect fake watches at our online store with cheap price and high quality.

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