Berkheya spekeana

Scientific Name:Berkheya spekeana   
Vernacular Name:Ikigwarara
Family name :Ikigwarara
Geographic Distribution:savanna 1000 -1500 m

Botanical Description

A herb to 1.30 -2.00m high, with spiny leaves of montane grassland with large yellowish capitula. Rough and  little thorny, the leaves arepubescents
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Medicinal Use

Ash of the burnt plant is used for indigestion. The ash may be soaked in water and drunk or simply licked. An infusion of roots together with other medicinal plants is used for chest pains. Root decoction is also used for malaria. It is also used totreat polio symptoms. Whole plant decoction mixed with the bark of Cassia hirsute, Harrisonis abyssinica is drunk for treating abdominal pains. In the Eastern province of Rwanda, a TMP Ayinkamiye Sarah uses Berkheya spekeana to treat liver diseases whereas Mukire J. D. in Kigali confirms its use in treating infections. Berkheya spekeana is used in the Western province of Rwanda by a TMP Mitali Emmanuel to treat liver diseases, kidney diseases, oral diseases and kin diseases.
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