Scientific Name:Bidens pilosa  
Vernacular Name:Inyabarasanya
Family name :Inyabarasanya
Geographic Distribution:Fallows and wasteland with anthropogenic activities

Botanical Description

Bidens pilosa is an annual plant producing an erect, much branched stem up to 100 cm tall, though the plant can often flower, seed and then die when much smaller.

Herb of asteraceae family which  grows  in fallow field, sometimes becoming weeds. It can reach 20 - 100 cm of height with yellow inner florets, the corolla of outermost but one whorl of flower is whitish. The leaves are opposite with a leaf blade poorly serrated
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Medicinal Use

In Rwanda, the decoction of the leaves cures the wounds once applied on them. Bidens pilosa mixted with Dichrocephala integrifolia leaves are rosted and then flipped between palms before they are pressed between fingers until the obtension of drops that are used to treat non purulent eyes diseases (Mukire Jean Damascene, Kigali). IN Uganda, the leaves are squeezed and the liquid is immediately put into sick eyes as a remedy of conjunctivitis. The liquid derived from the herb’s roots either by chewing or boiling is also taken as a cure of malaria. Leaves are crushed and mixed with water and given to a person with stomach-ache. The decoction of the leaves is used to remove intestinal worms. For this treatment a dose of one glassful for adults or half a glassful is used. Scientific studies has proved that the leaves are considered to be alterative, anti-inflammatory, carminative, stypic and vermifuge. Taken as an infusion or decoction, or as juice of the leaves it treats digestive problems, including stomach-aches, bloat, constipation, diarrhea, and intestinal worms. And as well, angine, diabetes, fever, cough, muscular pains.

The substances isolated from the leaves are bactericidal and fungicidal, there are used in treatment of thrush and candida. Extract of the plant have shown antimalarial activity both in vitro and in vivo.
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Other Plants