Scientific Name:Blumea alata  
Vernacular Name:Igitabitabi
Family name :Igitabitabi
Geographic Distribution:open woodland, weed on cultivation and disturbed land, 1400- 2400 m

Botanical Description

Blumea alata is a stout annual much branched herb up to 2 m tall; stems and main branches often distinctly winged. The inflorescence in a large laxpanicle, the involucral bracts with pointed scales; capitula pink. The whole plant is covered in a sticky glands.
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Medicinal Use

Healers from northern Rwand use the plant to treat strains. In Uganda, Blumea alata gives a medicine to treat hiccups. Either boiled the roots and drinks the juice, or chews the fresh roots and swallows the juice. This infusion also treats colds in the head. In china all parts of Blumea alata plant can be used  fresh or dried. Stems with leaves and flowers are mainly taken orally or in infusion or decoction, while tinctures are usually made from Blumea alata roots. It can be taken to cure illinesses like: Liver problems; the herb has, in China a long tradition of use for hepatitis,cirrhosis (root), and other liver complaints. Studies has confirmed the plant’s strong hepathoprotective and antoxidant properties. Isochrologenic acid A extracted from Blumea alata has proved to be effective against Hepatitis B virus.Inflammations (hepatitis,arthritis, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, nephritis and rheumatic and edema.

Infections, the herb is used for many kinds of bacterial and viral infections. fevers, the leaf decoction is used against thyphoid fever Im Cameroon. Respiratory tract problems , bronchitis,pneumonia, tuberculosis, coughing with lung heat and other pulmonary troubles. Cancer in Kenya the herb is used for treating of cancer, dry leaves decoction is drunk to treat stoch tumoy, In Nigeria is used to treat  skin tumour.

Women problem.
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In China the herb is taken for amenorrhea. The plant is involved in treatind Pain, poisonings, tapeworm, brain desorders and mental illinesses, pain, and external application.

Other Plants