Bothriocline longipes

Scientific Name:Bothriocline longipes   
Vernacular Name:Igihehe, Uruhehe
Family name :Igihehe, Uruhehe
Geographic Distribution:Fallow area, secondary forest, scrub, 1300-2400 m

Botanical Description

It is an erect shrubby with annual stems 0,5-3m tall. Stems mostly herbaceous,sometimes becoming woody below. Leaves opposite, sometimes 3whorled, 4-20 cm long, elliptic to lanceolate,finely but roughly hairy on both surfaces; margin serrate-dentate. Inflorescence branched with many small capitula. Florets pale to deep mauve or purple.
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Medicinal Use

In western Uganda, it is used to induce labor during childbirth. Scientific studies has proved that Leaf extract gives  antiplasmodial properties
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