Scientific Name:Conyza aegyptica  
Vernacular Name:Wambuba, Urujenone
Family name :Wambuba, Urujenone
Geographic Distribution:Savanna, fallow land , alongside roads and trails, 1500- 2200m

Botanical Description

Scrub or vivacious herb of 2-3 m tall, stem covered with a lot of small lanceolate leaves, capitula at the top of little branches,  florets pale whitish

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Medicinal Use

Mixed with other plants, it cures malaria.

In Rwanda, healers useit to treat cough. In south of Benin, Togo And Ghana, traditional popular knowledge indicate that conyza aegyptiaca is used mainly  to treat  female infertility and several diseases. An infusion of the plant hs been been used to treat diarrhoea, and internal haemorrhages, or applied externally to treat gonorrhea and bleeding piles. The leaves are experimentally hypoglyceamic. The essential oil found in found in the leaves  is used in the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery and internal haemorrhages
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Other Plants