Scientific Name:Conyza sumatrensis  
Vernacular Name:Urujenone, Rwambuba
Family name :Urujenone, Rwambuba
Geographic Distribution:savanna, forest gallery, mountain forest, grassland, swamp, 1400- 2500 m

Botanical Description

Conyza sumatrensis is an annual herbaceous weed which spreads by producing high number of wind-dispersed seeds. It has hairy leaves andred / brown bracts. The pappus  is straw colored. Thereceptacleis usually roughly pitted.

It can reach 1-2 m tall, Stem bearing lanceolate sessile leaves, capitule with central  white florets
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Medicinal Use

Anti paludism. In Uganda leaf infusion drunk for the treatment for hepatic disease.  Leaf sap is used as a remedy for ophthalmia in the form of nose or eyedrops. Nasal drops are also given in cases of vertigo and epilepsiy. The leaves are made into cigarettes to treat tuberculosis and asthma.  Leaves may be used as a vegetable
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Other Plants