Scientific Name:Tithonia diversifolia  
Vernacular Name:Icyicamahigwe, Cyambazi
Family name :Asteraceae
Geographic Distribution:

Botanical Description

Tithonia diversifolia is 2-3 m in height with upright and sometimes ligneous stalks in the formof woody shrubs. The leaves of the plant alternate in sides they grow on, which is where the plant get the name diversifolia. The large showy flowers are yellow to orange, leaves are sub-ovate,serrate, acute, 10-40 cm long simply or mostly 3-7 lobed,somewhat glandular and slightly grayish beneath. The seeds are achenes

Medicinal Use

It participate in treatment of diabetes, diarrhea, and menstrual pain. For people of Uganda, it is used for stomach pains, indigestion, sore throat and liver pains . Grind the leaves,put in water and drink the infusion. In Costa Rica, the dried leaves are applied externally on wounds, while in Cameroon , an infusion of the leaves is used for yhe treatment of the measles. Some of this indigenous medicinal use have been scientifically authenticated . T. diversifolia has been reported to exhibit analgesic and inflammatory properties

Other Use

Is a fast growing species, used as a garden ornamental, a green manure in agroforestery systems, a live fence (hedge) and a fodder crop for livestoch such as goats and cattle .

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