Crassocephallum vitellinum

Scientific Name:Crassocephallum vitellinum  
Vernacular Name:Isununu
Family name :Asteraceae
Geographic Distribution:thickets, fallow, secondary forests 1400 -2400 m

Botanical Description

A weak straggling herb to 1 m high with petiolate leaves,, cordate at the base, Inflorescencs in capitula of 2 cm  in diameter, involucre 1- 1.5 times  as long as large

Medicinal Use

Traditional healers in Northern Rwanda used Flower and leaves combined with other herbs  toproduce a medicine againsthepatitis in general. A decoction of leaves , stems, and roots  has antiulcer activity. It treats also constipation.In Uganda,they use unripe fruits and seeds, flowers and leaves  to control worms, to treat yellow fever,cure  light cases of malaria, cough, jaundice, yellow fever and asthma attacks

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