Dichrocephala integrifolia

Scientific Name:Dichrocephala integrifolia  
Vernacular Name:Umububa
Family name :Asteraceae
Geographic Distribution:Roadsides, fallow, mountain forest, 1350-2450 m

Botanical Description

Dichrocephala integrifoliaan erect or spreading,aromatic, annual plant growing 20-60 cm tall, occasionally to 100cm . It often branches freely at the base, can  a so be unbranched, and forms new roots as the leaf nodes.Inflorescence  situated at the apex of each ramification. Capitulum in glomerule shaped

Medicinal Use

The seeds of this plant are ground up, mixed with cow ghee and the mixture rubbed on the head to heal the sores which may appear as a results of cuts made during local treatment of headache. In Indian when the aroma of the crushed flower heads is inhaled, it induces sneezing and thus  help to reduce nasal congestion. The leaves  are antiviral. Applied externally, the leaves are crushed and used to treat ulcers and swelling. Scientific study reveal that the plant I sa medicinal plant that protect the brain

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