Scientific Name:Galinsoga ciliatas  
Vernacular Name:Kimali with thick hairs
Family name :Asteraceae
Geographic Distribution:Cropland, fallow, swamp, bush, embankment, 1700- 2330 m

Botanical Description

Commonly called hairy galinsoga, is especially apt since both the leaves and stems have a dense covering of fine white hairs. In addition the mature leaves are opposite, oval to triangular, and coarsely toothed margins,, lower petioled, upper sessile dense hairs above. Flowers have heads of yellow disk (tabulate) surrounded by 5(4) white , 3-toothed , ray (ligulate) forets, terminal and axillari clusters.

Medicinal Use

Galinsoga ciliata is a small annual herb, which has a wide traditional use.  The leaves and inflorescenc in dressing the fresh wounds or cuts as well as  saddle sores and rawness of the skin to faster healing. It has an antibacterial activities in the leaf extracts. This is due to a high amount of phenolic compounds present in the leaves of the plant.

In Uganda, the stems and leaves of this plant are chewed to cure colds, or sores.

The plant is used in traditional preparation for wound healing as  well as the treatment of blood coagulation problems, cold, flu, toothache, and dermatological and eye diseases

Other Use

Galinsoga ciliate is a fast food for Asian people.



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