Scientific Name:Gynura scandens  
Vernacular Name:Ikizimyamuriro
Family name :Asteraceae
Geographic Distribution:Talus (embankement), degraded zones in mountain forest, regrowthforest, 1900 – 2770m

Botanical Description

Creeping fleshy plant with disagreeable odor. The stem is pubescent. The petioles of the leaves measure 2-6 cm long and have an auricle around the stem. The leaf blade is oval or triangular. Inflorescences are cymes made up of 5-20 capitula arranged in a corymb shape of 30 yellowish flowers.

Medicinal Use

In northern of our country, the plant is used to treat “ intongi”, which is a kind

of disease  that infect the foot sole.

In Uganda the plant is used for high fever treatment in babies and adults. He leaves are crushed and mixed with butter and rubbed onto the whole body, thus causing persipiration. A hot decoction is used for indigestion.

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