Helichrysum schimperi

Scientific Name:Helichrysum schimperi  
Vernacular Name:Manayeze
Family name :Asteraceae
Geographic Distribution:Mountain forest, savanna, swamp in alititude of 2000m, groves, 1400-2700 m

Botanical Description

Scrumbing shrub or woody liana. Main stem fluted up to 30 cm in diameter, Leaves ovate, up to 7.5 x 4’5, dark green above wiyh scattered hairs, densely whitish or yellowish tomentose below, 3-veined from the base, margin shallowly cranate-dentate or entire. Capitula in dense terminal corymbs, involucral bracts pale yellowish-green ovate to lanceolate. Florets yellow.

Medicinal Use

Rwandan traditional healers use the plant to treat  a chronic headache. But Ugandan use the leaves when chewed, and roots pounded, soaked in water, and the liquid drunk  with cow-fat  as cough remedy.

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