: Helichrysum forskahlii

Scientific Name:: Helichrysum forskahlii  
Vernacular Name:Manayeze
Family name :Asteraceae
Geographic Distribution:montane forest , roadsides, mountain forest, 1700-2400 m

Botanical Description

A straggling herb , up to 1m. Leaves oblong lanceolate, sessile ,up to 30 x7 mm, grey green and sparsely hairy above  ddensely grayish-white hairy below, 3-veined from the base. Capitula in fairly dense corymbose heads. Involucral bracts 4 serrated  straw colored. Fflorets yellow

Medicinal Use

The plant is traditionally used as  a wound dressing. The plant has proved antimicrobial properties and appear to work effectively as a pin relief and as an anti-inflammatory, probably due to various volatile oils and flavonoids.

It is used in aromatherapy, the essential oil is said to fight conditions such as allergies, arthriyis,eczema, and anxiety. In addition helichrisum is said to Reduce inflammation, promote the healing of wounds and burns, stimulate digestion, boost the immune system and soothe body and mind.

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