Scientific Name:Guizotia scabra  
Vernacular Name:Igishikashike
Family name :Igishikashike
Geographic Distribution:Savanna, thicket, fallow, road sides, mountain forest, 1600 – 2200 m

Botanical Description

Annual, herbaceous or perennial plant of 0.3 – 1.5 m tall. The stems, the leaves, the pedoncules are strongly hairy.  The leaves are opposite and sessile.  The leaf blade is lanceoalate of 6-15 cm long and 2-5 cm wide.  The inflorescences are head like with yellow  collora of peripherical flowers. It is used to bloom in June.

Medicinal Use

In Rwannda, It is used to treat intestinal worms. Nshigarije Daniel, a TMP in Kigali confirms the use of Guizotia scabra to treat indigestion and skin diseases by using this plant. In Uganda they use it for abortion. The leaves are burnt, then the ash is collected amd mixed with the root of a certain plant called “opel” and cooked. This preparation is then eaten.

Other Use

Yellow flowers are scattered onto the road and the church pard while  celebrating the holy sacrament.

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