Scientific Name:Melanthera richardsae  
Vernacular Name:Cyumya yo mugushanga
Family name :Cyumya yo mugushanga
Geographic Distribution:Mountainous area, rare, found in Rubavu only, 1700 m

Botanical Description

Herbaceous, perennial and sarmentaceous plant   which can reach 2 m tall. Opposite sessile leaves,scabrous. Inflorescence in head like flowers, solitary capitula or arraged in corymb. The leaf margins are usually serrated. 

It grows near the brooks, and marshes. The stems are quadrangular, the little branches  and the main apex bear yellow central florets and the outer petals  whorl is also yellowish. 

Medicinal Use

The leaves of Melanthere richardsae , are used as a poultice  or as a decoction to treat indigestion. Kashangirwa Richard, a TMP in Kigali uses Melanthere richardsae not only to treat intestinal worms, but also to cure stomaches, liver diseases, kidney diseases and amenhoreafor women in reproductive ages .

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