Scientific Name:elanthera scandens  
Vernacular Name:Icyumya yo mu gishanga
Family name :Asteraceae
Geographic Distribution:Talus, swamp,and marsh, mountain forest, fallow, stripped forest,1400 – 2000 m

Botanical Description

Herbaceous, perennial and sarmentaceous plant   which can reach 1-2.5 m tall . Opposite sessile leaves,scabrous. Inflorescence in head like flowers, solitary capitula or arraged in corymb. The leaf margins are irregularly toothed

It grows near the brooks, and marshes. The stems are quadrangular, the little branches  and the main apex bear yellow central florets and the outer petals  whorl is also yellowish

Medicinal Use

Rwanda, Leaves are used to whiten the theeth, and to treat wounds, but in Uganda, burnt plant are used  for indigestion by licking the ash. It is also used in ivory coast as eyedrops, in chickenpox.  Infusion made from leaves , stems and roots are emetic. The leaves are a drastic  purgative, and leafsap is used to accelerate childbirth and to treat for poisoning.Scientific  studies has proven that the plant has antioxidant potential

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