Scientific Name:Mycroglossa pyrifolia  
Vernacular Name:Umuhe umunyuragisaka
Family name :Umuhe umunyuragisaka
Geographic Distribution:wooded savanna, xerophitic bushes, fallow land,mountain forest,1300 – 2500 m above sea leve

Botanical Description

Woody or sarmentaceous ligneous plant of 1 -3 m high; Angular pubescent stems. The leaves  0.4 t0 1cm long, petioles covered with a tomenta. The lamina, oval to elliptic -oval acuminated  at their end, the contour of the limb is  poorly serrated and measures 4-10 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. Inflorescence is a  hemispheric corymb made up with numerous  capitulum of 6-8 mm  long

Medicinal Use

In northern  of our country leaves are used to cure  malaria. Kayiranga Mussa a TMP in Eastern province of Rwanda uses a mixture of preparations from Mycroglossa pyrifolia and vernonia amygdalina, Acanthus pubescens and Clausea anisala in the treatment of liver diseases

In Uganda, roots are pounded, soaked in water and used for the treatment of headache and colds. An infusion of the leaves, is taken  as a remedy for malaria, but it is better and acts as an emetic as well. The pounded leaves are also used for the treatment of limb fractures.


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