Scientific Name:Sonchus luxurians  
Vernacular Name:Igikembekembe; Nyabahima , Rurira
Family name :Igikembekembe; Nyabahima , Rurira
Geographic Distribution:Forest margins, wet zones,cultivated areas, anthropogenic zones, 1400-2400 m

Botanical Description

Vivaceous herb of asteraceae family. Presence of latex in leaves and fistular stems. It is a poorly branched herb with a bell shaped capitula. The leaves are profoundly divided. The florets are yellow or whitish

Medicinal Use

Sonchus luxirians cruched leaves leaves  are used by Uwimana Beatha, who practices the traditional herbal medicine  in the Southern province, Gisagara district in mixage with  Acanthus pubescens (leves and flowers), aloe vera (leaves), Hygrophila auriculata (leaves), Chenopodium ugandae (whole plant), and Plantago palmate (leaves),  in the treatment of skin diseases. People of neighboring counyries used Sonchus luxirians  in treating the stomach upsets. The leaves of the plant are pounded for healing the stomach pains, and also for those feeling feverish.

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