Thumbergia alataBOJER ex SIMS

Scientific Name:Thumbergia alataBOJER ex SIMS  
Vernacular Name:Nkurimwonga
Family name :Nkurimwonga
Geographic Distribution:Savanna xeric grove on termite nests, strpped foest,mountain secondary forest, 1200 -2500 m

Botanical Description

Herbaceous perennial climbing plant which can reach 3 m long. The leaves have an angulous leaf blade usually shaped similarly to halbert, with pointed lobes  pointed outward from the base. Tfe llowers are solitary, protected with twooval  bracts. yellow flowers with a blackish spot in the entrance of the cololla tube

Medicinal Use

In northern area,It cures the intestinal worms in children. In Uganda, leaves of this herb are crushed and added to water. The liquid is given as a drink to children who have pains in the mouth and tongue. Leaves and buds are pounded and mixed with ghee, then used as an embrocation for the treatmenr of backache, hydrocele, and pain in joints.The constipation of young persons with consequencesof backache. Some tradipracticians in Rwanda use its leaves to lower the blood pressure and thus alleaviate the effect of hypertension (Abdallahman).

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