Capsella bursa pastoris

Scientific Name:Capsella bursa pastoris   
Vernacular Name:bourse des voyageurs
Family name :
Geographic Distribution:

Botanical Description

Capsela bursa pastoris is a slender, erect, annual to short lived perennial plant, usually growing from 15-70 cm tall.  The height is variable ranging from 5-8o cm tall.  Stemsare erect , solitary or branched from the base, striate, glabrous or sparsely haired (hairs simple or branched) and pale green. The  basal leaves are petiolated, oblanceolate with a blunt tip and are commonly deeply lobed. They are 15 cm long. The upper stem leaves  are smaller (8 cm lond to  1.5 cm wide, alternate sessile, and classiping the stem with ear-like projections. Raceme terminal white flowers. Fruits upside-down triangular- heart shaped in outline and wedge –shaped  at the base.

Medicinal Use

Capsela bursa pastorismedicinal use of Shepherd’s purse is little used in herbalism, though it is commonly uused in domestic remedy, being especially efficacious in the 

treatment of both internal and external bleeding, diarrhea, etc. It is also used in the treatment of nose bleeds and urinary calculus. premenstrual syndrome , wounds and burns.

Other Use

Edible leaves, raw or cooked, the yoyng leaves  used before the plant comes into flower, make a fine addition to salads. The leaves are a cress and cabbage substitute.

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