Gynandropsis gynandra

Scientific Name:Gynandropsis gynandra   
Vernacular Name:Isogi
Family name :Capparaceae
Geographic Distribution:Everywhere in Rwanda ; Panthropical

Botanical Description

Gynandropsis gynandra is a herbaceous plant nitrophyle reaching 80 cn in height.The stem has many low branches and the leaf is 5-palmatilobed. The flowers are a white racemose.


Medicinal Use

The young softer leaves are poundered and the resulting liquid squeezed into aching ears. The same liquid is also poured into the ears, nostrils and ayes in case of epileptic fits. Root ar boiled and the decoction drunk to facilitate birth, for stomach-ache, and for the treatment of conjunctivitis and severe infectoms by threadworms.

Other Use

edible vegetable.

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